System Planning Key Projects
System Area Study

ControlPoint Technologies recently completed a System Area study for a city with a peak load of 60 MVA. The Distribution System under study included one (1) 115 kV/23kV substation and four (4) 23 kV lines which supply four (4) 23 kV/13.2 kV substations and thirteen (13) 13.2 kV distribution circuits. The study, which focused on current and future asset and capacity needs, was mainly warranted by a proposed 20 MW spot load due to interconnect within in 3 to 5 years. The normal and contingency capacity requirements of the Electric Supply System were evaluated based on the expected impact of the proposed spot load and its related development along with projected load growth. Specific Utility Electric Design and Reliability Criteria was used for the evaluation. The study identified a number of issues requiring Electric Supply System upgrades needed to meet current and future capacity needs of the substations and the distribution system supplying the area.

The Utility was provided with a total of 10 options to address system needs including a cost and construction complexity matrix for each option. The final report focused on four of the ten evaluated options being recommended. All four recommendations focused on adding additional capacity with either 115 kV/13.2 kV or 115 kV/23 kV substations. All options included conceptual recommendations to bring capacity to the area as well as serve the proposed spot load.

Arc Flash Assessment

ControlPoint Technologies recently completed an Arc Flash Hazard Assessment for a Municipal. The project involved modeling the two (2) 34.5/4.16 KV Substations and (10) 4,160 V Distribution Feeder Circuits into CYME Power Analysis Software. A complete Arc Flash Hazard Assessment report with recommendations to reduce the Risk Category in accordance with NFPA 70E-2015 and IEEE 1584 requirements was provided. The purpose of the Arc Flash Hazard Assessment is to provide the technical data for implementation into the Municipal’s electrical safety program. The results of the arc flash assessment provided the incident energy levels, arc flash boundaries, selection of the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and all the technical information required for arc flash hazard labels throughout the Municipal Electrical System, including four municipal buildings.

Group Distributed Generation System Impact Study 7 MW

ControlPoint Technologies recently completed a combined group System Impact Study for ten (10) inverter-based photovoltaic facilities consisting of four (4) 1,000 kW and six (6) 499 kW (AC) systems. The purpose of the study was to conduct steady-state, stability, short circuit, and extreme contingency analyses and perform assessments of reliability performance of the Utilities Electric Power System (“EPS”) within the area of interconnection, with and without the proposed Facilities interconnected and determine all required system modifications. To analyze the impact of the Facilities, the systems were split into 5 different areas on the Utility’s EPS and two different sensitivity analyses were ran. Each of the analyses evaluated the effects of connecting each Facility one by one, until all sites were interconnected.

The study provided recommendations that were developed from each analysis and including conceptual designs and cost estimates for each area.