Distributed Generation Interconnections

ControlPoint offers professional engineering services to address the requirements and impact of Distributed Generation to small and large utilities. Our engineering team provides both the technical and management experience necessary to study the impact of photovoltaic or wind power generation interconnection. Our engineers use modeling software and standard methods in the development of the interconnection study.

Distributed Generation Project Services

  • Initial Impact Review
  • Confirmation of Station Source
  • Relaying & Protection
  • Net-Metering
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Protective Device Coordination
  • Impedance Modeling
  • Site Feasibility Analysis
  • Detailed Anti-Islanding Studies
  • Engineering Project Liaison to Customer
  • Design Estimating
  • Interconnection Design

Engineering Design and Delivery

The engineering and design of our projects include detailed field assessments of existing conditions and interpretation and analysis of available SCADA and load data. Our engineers complete comprehensive System Impact Studies, detailing system-wide worst-case effects, and making recommendations for existing electrical power system upgrades to accomodate the oncoming DG facility.

Deliverables include detailed impact studies, load flow results, relaying and protective device settings, CADD drawings, bid packages, permit applications and forms, bill of materials, budget estimate, construction package, and field survey reports.