Distribution Engineering

ControlPoint Technologies is a leading industry provider of Distribution Engineering Services. Our services span electrical utilities, military bases, and large industry with offerings that include both overhead and underground electrical systems engineering design.

Our design team is proficient in advanced engineering graphics and computer analysis tools. Our engineers provide modular engineering designs and complete design packages ready for installation. We provide a full complement of services including engineering, design, field survey and assessment, and construction support. Our engineers work jointly with asset planners to provide critical system modifications to improve circuit and system performance and customer reliability.

Project and Design Services

  • Project Management
  • Make-Ready Work for Communications
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Installation & Maintenance Programs
  • Reconductoring Design
  • Overloaded Equipment Analysis & Relief
  • Condemned Pole/ Analysis/ Replacement
  • Circuit Loading/Protection Analysis & Coordination
  • Equipment Specification
  • GIS
  • Installation Management
  • Permitting
  • Field Surveys & Investigations
  • Voltage Conversion Planning, Design, Implementation
  • Equipment Failure Analysis/ Replacement

Engineering Design and Delivery

The engineering and design of our projects include detailed field assessments of existing conditions, engineering and design of new components, constructability review, and final owner review and acceptance.

Quality and safety programs are built into the project work flow and continuously reviewed by the Project Manager.

Deliverables are client-driven and may include GIS, CADD drawings, work order packages, bid packages, permit applications and forms, bill of materials, budget estimate, construction package, and field survey reports.