Distribution Engineering - Key Projects
Substation Conversion

As part of a project to relieve eight 4KV distribution circuits out of six substations, ControlPoint was tasked with establishing seven 13.2KV distribution getaways from a new 115/13.2 KV substation being built on a local transmission right of way.  Rebuild and conversion of portions of the aforementioned 4KV facilities was included as part of the deliverables.

Exit from the site was constrained on several levels.  First, the site is bounded on all four sides by thoroughfares and rights of way under the control of the Department of Transportation.  These included one interstate and two state highways, and a former railroad right of way currently owned by the state.  State permits, therefore, were a major consideration.

The next major constraint precluded an overhead solution to getting distribution facilities off the site, and presented itself in the form of no less than six 115KV and two 34.5KV existing overhead lines on a site approximately three-hundred feet wide at its narrowest point.  This lateral constraint, as well as less-than-optimal overhead clearance in these areas, made overhead getaways an impossibility.

Availability of space for underground getaways was not much better.  Existing underground facilities include electric distribution, communications, sewer, a major water line, and active and retired petroleum transmission lines.  Also adjacent to the site is a twenty inch high pressure gas transmission line.  Petroleum company restrictions prevent parallel construction to either the gas or petroleum lines within twenty-five feet.  Also to be considered were the foundations of the existing transmission structures and the need to allow ten feet of clearance in their proximity.

Last, an active stream runs across and parallel to the site.

Nonetheless, in spite of a seemingly near-impossible task, ControlPoint delivered a work product that met all the requirements placed on it.  Through innovative thinking and close coordination with concerned utilities, ControlPoint delivered a targeted solution that met all constraints. That solution includes exits on all four sides of the site and utilizes seventeen manholes, over six-thousand feet of underground conduit bank and a similar amount of overhead rebuild and conversion work to accomplish the task.  Those facilities are currently under construction and expected to be completed sometime in 2016.

* Contributed by Frank Silvia

4kV Substation Retirement/Area Conversion

ControlPoint Technologies was tasked with providing a distribution design to accommodate the retirement of a 4kV substation.  ControlPoint was responsible for proposing multiple options to supply and convert the 4kV area to 13.8kV and provide supporting documentation for each option.  Supporting documentation consisted of before-and-after one-lines, cost estimates, and a risk register.

ControlPoint performed a facility review by surveying each pole affected by the conversion as well as vaults, pad-mounted transformers, transclosures, splicing chambers/manholes, and nearby adjacent circuits.  ControlPoint also assessed potential environmental concerns, tree trimming issues, and system improvements.

The final recommended option will improve reliability due to additional feeder ties, tree wire installation, open-wire secondary replacements, modified circuit configurations, and additional fusing.  The recommended option also removes unnecessary overhead facilities which increases the visual appearance of the downtown area.

* Contributed by Thomas Kane