Substation Services Key Projects
115kV Power Line Carrier Replacement

ControlPoint Technologies has recently completed design on projects to upgrade the power line carrier communications between three (3) substations across two (2) 115kV transmission lines. The design involved replacing mismatched equipment and bringing the communication system up to client standards at all locations. Included with this design was the implementation of new start/stop & test switches for the carrier and transmitter units.

Construction was completed earlier this year and the upgraded equipment is now fully operational. ControlPoint technologies formally processed all As Builts and considers the project successfully closed.

115kV Breaker Failure Relaying Protection

ControlPoint Technologies is currently designing the replacement of existing breaker failure & reclosing relaying for a five (5) 115kV circuit breaker ring bus. This design features removal & reconfiguration of many existing relays, installation of new Schweitzer SEL-351 relays for each circuit breaker as well as six (6) test switches for each new SEL-351. The design package will bring a critical stations breaker failure protection up to the clients modern standard and will bring greatly enhanced control & test ability as well as many new SCADA alarm indications, improving the clients visibility and confidence in the stations operation.

Design has overcome hurdles such as existing lock out relaying which required reconfiguration, implementing client standard for breaker failure and reclosing across three (3) different circuit breaker types, and issuing the project for construction to accommodate separated client accounting and a separated outage schedule.

Construction has begun on the first two (2) implementations, which will be As Built as the third installation is underway in early December.

Construction is expected to be fully completed by early 2016, ControlPoint technologies will process all As Builts.

115kV Circuit Switcher Replacement

ControlPoint Technologies was responsible for the design in replacing two (2) 115kV Circuit Switchers at a Substation. The design included 115kV bus reconfiguration, new conduit & cable installation, as well as alarm & indication upgrades.

Along with the design package, ControlPoint Technologies was responsible for the complete CAD redraw of existing hand drawn drawings and full upgrade of all drawing files to the latest client standard.

The design brought the circuit switchers and all controls, alarms & indication points up to client standards.

Construction is currently underway with one (1) circuit switcher installed & operational. Once construction is fully completed, ControlPoint technologies will process all As Builts.

115kV Circuit Breaker Replacement

ControlPoint Technologies is currently designing the replacement of two (2) existing Oil Circuit Breakers in a station. The design features modifying existing foundations as well as custom steel framing & junction boxes to support the new circuit breakers while utilizing the same physical location as well as control cabling.

The design includes reconfiguration of existing primary & backup trip & close protection as well as breaker failure relay adjustments to meet the clients most current standard, which was adjusted during the projects design.

Final design will be issued in the near future. The outages for each breaker are being actively planned and once completed, ControlPoint Technolgies will be responsible for all project As Builts.