About Us

ControlPoint Technologies is a business guided by a culture of customer dedication and engineering ethics. Our most valuable asset is the knowledge-based skills and experience of our employees. We strive to maintain team based work environments which translates to higher quality deliverables to our customers. It is evident in the services we provide, that our engineers have advanced skills in electrical utilities design and our project management encourages customer participation throughout each phase of the project. Our projects are staffed and managed by a highly qualified team dedicated through completion.

At ControlPoint, we welcome the challenge of demanding customers. Quality, schedule commitment, and accountability are large factors in our quality program. We are privileged to be part of the customer’s team and delivering projects of the highest standards.


  • Provides high value service. Project budget is well controlled and efficient.
  • Consistently easy to work with and responsive.
  • Can be trusted and operates with minimal supervision.
  • Continues to meet schedule deadlines.
  • Delivers high qualityproject designs.