Among the services offered by ControlPoint Technologies are a number of maintenance-based programs aimed at keeping daily operations smooth and continuous. ControlPoint Technologies offers field and design engineering experience in installation and maintenance Program work for overhead and underground electrical systems.

Project Services

  • Equipment Field Surveys & Remediation Services
  • Condemned Poles Analysis & Replacement
  • Potted Porcelain Cutout Replacement
  • Oil-Filled Cutouts (OFCs) Replacement
  • Overloaded Transformers Relief
  • Fusing and Circuit Reliability Studies
  • Feeder Hardening
  • Underground Cable Life Extension
  • Short Circuit Analysis

Engineering Design and Delivery

The engineering and design of our projects include detailed field assessments of existing conditions, engineering and design of new components, constructability reviews, and final owner review and acceptance.

Quality and safety programs are built into the project work flow and continuously reviewed by the Project Manager.

Deliverables are tailored to the clients’ needs and preferences and may include GIS, CADD drawings, construction drawings, bid packages, permit applications and forms, bill of materials, budget estimates, construction packages, and field survey reports.